Frequently Asked Questions

Wax Print Festival Vendor FAQs

1. When and where will the Wax Print Festival 2019 be held?

Wax Print Fest will take place on June 14-16th, 2019 at Untamed Empire, on the Spintex Road.

2. How many people from my company can attend Wax Print Fest?

You will receive 2 entry passes per vendor table however you can purchase additional vendor passes at an additional charge (max number is 2)

3. My vendor passes are not enough for the number of team members that will be helping out at my stall…

You can purchase up to TWO (2) additional vendor passes for staff members not covered by your table. If you require more than 2, they must purchase tickets at the regular rate.

4. What kind of access will my table get me as a vendor?

Vendor passes provide access to all of the activities on the grounds except for VIP access.

5. Can I share my vendor package?

If you would like to partner with another brand to share a table, this is allowed for up to one additional brand. Should you need additional chairs and passes, you will have to pay.

6. When should I arrive?

Wax Print Fest will run from 12pm to 10pm. You must arrive by 10am to identify and set up your stand at the Wax Print Fest Marketplace. If you arrive late you will have challenges bringing in your equipment and materials.

7. Where will I be able to park?

Parking at the venue is only guaranteed for VIP guests, however you will be able to haul in merchandise and other items from 8am- 11am. We encourage you to come early to ensure you are able to get all needed items to your stand.

8. What are the different types of tickets and their benefits?

Daily: The daily ticket gives you admission to the event for a day.

All Access Pass: The all access ticket gives you admission to the event for all the three days.

VIP All Access Pass: The VIP All Access ticket gives you admission to the event for all the three days and access to a dedicated bar with free drinks, food, a gift bag, and a comfy and cool hangout space.

9. Where can I purchase tickets?

Visit our site or Egotickets. Additionally, you can purchase our physical tickets at Shop Accra, Elle Lokko and Untamed Empire.

10.What are the floor dimensions for vendors?

The standard dimension is 8 by 8 ft. However, vendors can pay more, for a bigger space.

11.How do I become a sponsor?

Kindly email: or fill this form: FORM and someone from our team will be in touch.

During Wax Print Fest

12.How and where do I get my vendor pass(es)?

Vendor passes will be available for pickup at the venue upon arrival and registration.

13.Who do I contact when I arrive?

Please contact Jasmine Bempah, +233 26 548 4676

14.How do I identify my stall?

All booths will have an assigned number and you will be informed of your stand number and location in advance.

15.What will my stall look like?

Vendors will be given a table that is rectangular and two chairs.

16.Does my vendor package provide access to electricity at my stall?

Yes, please bring your electrical extension cords along. Also, inform us about the appliances you will be bringing to the venue in the application form so we can prepare appropriately. We reserve the right to approve any appliances.

17.What kinds of decoration, branding or equipment is allowed at my stall?

Roll up banners must be located immediately within your booth area. It cannot block access to any other vendors or be placed around the venue. – Branded table cloths/covers/wraps – Tabletop souvenirs – Flyers and business cards – Electrical extension cords – Balloons (no more than 20) – Chairs or stools can only be brought into the venue before 9:30am

18.Are there restrictions to what I can bring to Wax Print Fest?

All bags are subject to security searches for everyone’s safety. Here is a list of what you cannot bring to the venue: – Noisemakers – Illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia – Tents, canopies or large umbrellas – Video or audio recording devices with lenses longer than six (6) inches)

19.How do I know the sessions that are going on?

The schedule will be shared online and at the venue.

20.Can I pass out my own business flyers at the event?

You are not allowed to distribute your business materials around the venue. We want our guests to enjoy the experience so selling and promotion activities should only happen within the Wax Print Fest Marketplace. If you are found to be in violation of these rules then we reserve the right to confiscate your materials. You can leave flyers at the experience center where guest can go for information about the festival

21.Will food be provided at the festival?

Food and beverages vendors will be at Wax Print Fest. Unless you are a food vendor, you will not be allowed to bring food or beverages into the venue.

22.Will there be restrooms at the Wax Print Fest?

Yes, please consult the map in the programme book that will be provided and use the signages at the event to find one close to you.

Other need-to-knows

23.Someone I know wants to purchase a vendor stall…

Please send them the registration link:

24.Can I share your bank account details with potential vendors or attendees who want to purchase tickets?

Please do not share the bank or online payment details that were sent to you with anyone. Payments not requested by us will be forfeited.

25.How do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this event.

Maximising your experience at Wax Print Fest

– Arrive on time so you can set up your stall on time, and also be ready to attend to attendees that arrive early

– We encourage you to bring at least one person on your team along to assist with the work at your stall. You may need to take a break or attend to several people at the same time. – Network, we encourage you to bring your flyers and business cards and talk to people about your business. This way, attendees can contact you even after Wax Print Fest 2019 – Take advantage of the financial technology offerings, Jumia Food Platform and QVC opportunity to ensure more people can access your products both in Ghana and abroad