The Afropole is a brokerage that seeks to address market inefficiencies in African and Afrodiasporan food, beauty and creative businesses.

Make it easier to do business together so that we can participate more effectively in the global market

What We Do

We believe we can address the inefficiencies through a five phase process:

  1. Build Trust- Address issues of information asymmetry that exist between communities of color on the continent and in the diaspora through print, video and audio media.
  2. Build Community- Leverage network effects by developing communities of practice and innovation platforms to build bonds between African and Afrodiasporan businesses
  3. Build Resources- Systematically catalogue, assess and support African and Afrodiasporan businesses in the food, beauty and creative spaces.
  4. Build Value Chains- Connect businesses,  invest in businesses and develop products/ services to address specific impediments to scale and growth (ie. transport, human capital, etc.)
  5. Build Black Spaces- Create physical spaces to curate and sell the outputs/ outcomes of building wholly black value chains