7. The function 2x + 1.5y = 18 represents the number of book raffle tickets x andfood raffle tickets y you buy at a club event.a. Solve the equation for y.b. Make an input-output table to find ordered pairs for the function.c. Plot the ordered pairs in a coordinate plane.​

Accepted Solution

Answer: a. [tex]y=12-\frac{4}{3}x[/tex] b. The table is attached. c. The graph is attached.Step-by-step explanation: a. Given the following function: Β [tex]2x + 1.5y = 18[/tex] You need to subtract [tex]2x[/tex] from both sides: [tex]2x + 1.5y-2x= 18-2x\\\\1.5y=18-2x[/tex] Now you must divide both sides by 1.5: [tex]\frac{1.5y}{1.5}=\frac{18-2x}{1.5}\\\\y=12-\frac{4}{3}x[/tex] b. The input-output table is attached. The input values are the values of "x" ant the output values are the values of "y. When you substitute each input value into the function, you get the folowing output values: Β [tex]y=12-\frac{4}{3}(1)=10.66\\\\y=12-\frac{4}{3}(2)=9.33\\\\y=12-\frac{4}{3}(3)=8\\\\y=12-\frac{4}{3}(4)=6.66\\\\y=12-\frac{4}{3}(5)=5.33[/tex] The table is attached. Then, the ordered pairs are: [tex]\{(1,10.66),\ (2,9.33),\ (3,8),\ (4,6.66), (5,5.33)\}[/tex] c. Given a point [tex]P(x,y)[/tex], you know that the x-values are the x-coordinates and the y-values are the y-coordinates. Knowing this, you can plot the ordered pairs in the coordinate plane (See the graph attached).